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There is any number of things that could happen to our vehicles, no matter how hard we try to look after them. When worst comes to worst however and you need some repairs made to the body of your vehicle, Rubicon is the company to see.

In four easy steps your vehicle will be returned to you as good as new:


After arriving at our attractive offices you’ll quickly be greeted by members of our friendly staff. One of our consultants will happily accompany you to your vehicle where they will assess the damage alongside you to see what the extent of the repairs will be and what will be involved with making it as good as new again.


Once the analysis of your vehicle is complete you will be accompanied to complete the simple paperwork and once that is done we can get the show on the road. Our friendly personnel are always available to answer any questions. If you have any questions  contact us at any time on 011 953 1978 or


Now that everything is on the roll, your vehicle will then be taken into our extensive repair facility where it will receive the full attention of our qualified team of specialist and the state of the art equipment that allows Rubicon to deliver such high-quality work. You can rest assured with leaving your vehicle with us as it will be kept safe and handled at all times with the greatest care.


As soon as the body of your vehicle has been repaired and restored as close as possible to its original state we’ll contact you when everything is in order for you to retrieve your vehicle. Our personnel will be waiting with a smile and you’ll find that your vehicle looks as good as new. The Rubicon Service is second to none!